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KRAZYTONES Oz ''Journey Goes On'' (Cooming Soon)2017.

Krazytones Productions Presents ''Eye Cry'' (A Short Musical Film) Based On A True Story 


Introspective souls are often tormented by their passionate visions.

This is because visionaries see what shall be and wake up to what is.

However, if you couldn't see a glimpse of the city lights while stranded in the forest

how would you ever know to walk in that direction?

Sometimes your vision can't be written or spoken about unless you gather

the learning experiences and stories along your journey first....

''Eye Cry'' True Story (Jezebel Spirit) Strikes Taking Everything I Ever Loved

And Leaving Me With Nothing But ''God And Eye'' On A Treacherous Journey - KRAZYTONES

KRAZYTONES ''Entering The Jezebel'' Chapter (Break On Thru) 2017.

 The New Single

KRAZYTONES ''El Asesino''(Rap Corridos Classicos) Album (Coming Soon) 

 New (First Single) .. Available Now!

Krazytones Productions Presents ..

UNDADAWGZ ''CARZ'' Feat Gary Numan Official Official (Classics) Ep Album 2016.

Music Video Coming Soon! Stay Tones!

Art By Krazytones Graphics/Photography



Oz ''Land Of Lost'' Available Now..,.

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 KRAZYTONES ''Kill The Beast'' Feat The Eagles Official Video

 KRAZYTONES ''Pain Is Love'' Video (Psychedelic Remix)  2016.

 KRAZYTONES ''Life Goes On'' Video (Screwed) Album Vol 1. 2016.

KRAZYTONES ''Pain To Anger''Video (Screwed) Album Vol 1.2016.

KRAZYTONES UNDADAWGZ(Classics)Never Release 01/25/2000.Available Now(Click On Image) To Download 2016.

KRAZYTONES Oz ''Land Of Lost'' (Slurred Spoken Word) Album (Click On Image)To Download 2016.


KRAZYTONES (Screwed) Album Vol 1.(Click On Image)To Download 2016.


KRAZYTONES Tha (Unreleased) Album (Click On Image) To Download 2016.


KRAZYTONES ''Lost And Found''Album (Click On Image) To Download 2011. 


KRAZYTONES ''Exitos En Espanol''Album(Click On Image) To Download 2012.



KRAZYTONES''Promo Tour Mix Tape''Album(Click On Image) To Download 2014.


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First Single .. KRAZYTONES ''Kill The Beast''

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First Single KRAZYTONES ''Life Goes On''

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''Pistol Packers'' Feat D-Lo

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KRAZYTONES ''Mr.WestWood''


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